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Reindeer Mitties November 1, 2008

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Starting early for the holidays, here’s another pattern meant for mitties: reindeer charts


Sharp Diamond Mitties January 26, 2008

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Here’s another mittie pattern for those long plane rides! It’s colorwork, so it’ll keep your mind and hands occupied. Be sure to travel with someone else so that they can hold your yarn. These mitties can be completed quickly so that when you arrive in Reykavik, you will be prepared!

Sharp Diamond Mitties Pattern — warm, winter colorwork!


Mittie Pattern December 23, 2007

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I am remiss in updating this journal, but this would be a great knitting pattern for the airplane! Airplane rides are irritatingly long (no matter how long actual-in-flight-time is) and require small projects to keep them in check. If you’re flying over a sea and planning on staying awake, you will be able to start and finish these by the time you arrive. Easy to pack, too!

Cabley Mitties Pattern— a warm, wintery pair of mittens, perfect for your cold destination of St Paul, Minnesota or St Petersburg, Russia!